Friday, May 26, 2017

GIMP Tutorial: Painted Flowers Background

Yesterday I uploaded a Red and Blue Digitally Painted Flowers Background for the readers of my Mixed Media Art Blog. Today, I'll post a tutorial on how I made it using GIMP.

Then in Gimp, open a new file 1800 x 1800 pixels

Click on foreground color box (at the bottom of the toolbox), which will open the color dialogue. In the HTML notation box put: cfd9e5 and click OK. Then click on the background box, in the notation box put: a8bbcf, then click OK.

Open Filters > render >patterns> checkerboard (size 45) > OK

Open Filters > Distorts > Iwarp. In settings, Deform mode should be, “move.” Deform radius should be 26, and deform amount .30. Leave the other settings at default. Now click your mouse in the preview window and drag through the squares to distort them, then click OK.

Now go to filters > artistic > apply canvas (depth 8).

Next open the flower, you downloaded earlier. Then from the filters menu, click on artistic, then on olify (mask size 32, exponent 20, intensify algorithm checked). Click OK.

Duplicate the flower, then select Color > Colorize (Hue 210, Saturation 50, Lightness 5) Now go to Color and open Brightness- Contrast (Brightness 20, Contrast 17)

Now duplicate each color of flower 2 or 3 times and shrink one of the flowers to 80% (Layer > scale layer > 80%)

Do the same thing for the small flower, duplicating it 2 or 3 times and shrinking to 80%. Now you'll have 3 different sizes of flowers in both colors. Now arrange them to your liking. Make some of the flowers go off the page.

Add a new layer and use the Bucket Fill Tool to make it white. Set the opacity to 35 and set the layer mode to “soft light.”

Now your background is completed. Feel free to experiment with the layer modes and filters and come up with your own unique design. 

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